He is the founder and authorized representative of our firm. After graduating from Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Law in 1992, he has been working as a self-employed lawyer since 1993. He is currently pursuing his LL.M degree in Private Law with 100% scholarship at Yaşar University. He was married and has two children. In November 2013, he started to work as a mediator registered in the official registry. In February 2014, he was elected as a member of the World Energy Council Turkish National Committee.

Hunting. The certificates and participation certificates of İrfan Medet Akpınar regarding the trainings and studies attended are as follows.

– Izmir International Fair – Friendship Certificate (October 1993)

– Ministry of Justice – Notary Public Certificate (March 1996)

– Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports – Wheelchair Basketball Match 1st Degree Achievement Certificate (December 1998)

– İzmir Bar Association CMK Training Certificate (June 2001)

– Social Solidarity Foundation UMT-Turkey Lawyers – Intellectual Property Law (December 2003)

– Izmir Bar Association European Convention on Human Rights Training Seminar – Certificate of Participation (December 2007)

– Turkish Foreign Trade Foundation – Foreign Trade Expertise Certificate (March 2007)

– Association of Sworn Forensic Experts – Certificate of Attendance to Applied Expertise Seminar (April 2007)

– Turkey Bar Association of the European Convention on Human Rights Education Seminar – Participation Certificate (February 2008)

– Contact Academy – Expert certificate for practitioners (September 2010)

– İzmir Bar Association – Occupational Health and Safety Training Certificate (January 2011)

– CEO Training Consultancy – Occupational Health and Safety Management Training Certificate OHSAS 18001: 2008 (April 2011)

– CEO Training Consultancy – Quality Management Training Certificate OHSAS 9001: 2008 (April 2011)

– CEO Training Consultancy – Environmental Management Training Certificate OHSAS 14001: 2008 (April 2011)

– İstanbul Kültür University – Continuing Education, Application and Research Center katılım Mortgage in terms of Civil Law Concepts and Land Registry Legislation katılım (June 2011)

-THK-Tandem Parachute Designation Certificate (July 2011)

– TBB-Türavak – Energy Law Participation Certificate (October 2011)

– İzmir Bar Association – Certificate of Participation in Mediator Training (September 2012)

– İzmir Career Center – “Body Language, Effective Speech Training” Certificate (October 2012)
İrfan Medet Akpınar

-İzmir Career Center-Time Management / Stress Management Certificate (November 2012)

– ISO 9001 and ISO 10002 certified by International RegistrarTechnic (November 2012)

– İzmir Career Center – “Time Management / Stress Management” Training (Certificate (November 2012)

– TBB-Türavak – Forensic Medicine / Forensic Sciences Advanced Training Program Certificate (January 2013)

– Aegean Exporters’ Associations – Certificate of Participation in Contract Techniques Training (April 2013)

– TBB-Türavak – Health Law Advanced Training Program Certificate (April 2013)

– Gediz University – Mediation training (August 2013)

-TBB-Türavak- Intellectual Property Law Advanced Training Program Certificate (December 2013)

– World Energy Council Turkish National Committee participation certificate (January 2014)

– OMC – Recruitment selection and placement training certificate (February 2014)

– TAM Medical Law Research Center – Training certificate for compensation of death and bodily harm (February 2014)

– İzmir University and İzmir Medical Chamber – 1st Health Law Symposium Participation Certificate (March 2014)

– TBB-Türavak- Energy Law and Expertise Advanced Training Program Certificate (April 2014)

– TBB- RegionalSeminarForLawyers Certificate of Participation (May 2014)

– TBB-Türavak- Consumer Law Advanced Training Program Certificate (January 2015)

-İzmir Mediators Association Membership (February 2015)

– TBB-Türavak- Actuary Law Advanced Training Program Certificate (March 2015)

-TBB Training Center- Soil Law Seminar Certificate (October 2015)

– Ministry of Justice-Council Of Europe- Pilot Courts and Mediation Information Center Staff Training Participation Certificate (November 2015)

-ÇSGB- Anadolu University- Certificate of Completion of Training of Employer or Deputy Employer on the Execution of Occupational Health and Safety Services (May 2016)

-T.C. Ministry of National Education- Diction Education Certificate (May-June 2016)

-CIArbEuropeanBranch- Module 1 Mediation Training Course Certificate (August 2016)

– Mediation Department – Train The Trainers Training Program Certificate (August 2016)

– Mediation Department – How To Run An ADR Center? Training Program Certificate (September 2016)

– BTSO-CIArb- International Arbitration Training Program Certificate (October 2016)

-Dokuz Eylül University- Conflict Management, Mediation and Social Reconciliation Congress (November 2016)

– Hacettepe University – Certificate of Mediation Renewal Training Program in Civil Disputes (December 2016)

-İzmir Bar Association- Working Certificate for Mediator Training (January 2017)

-Başkent University BEDAM- Expert Training in Construction Cases (February 2017)

-LSS-International Labor Organization (ILO) – International Labor Standards and EU Law Training Certificate on Social Dialogue (October 2017)

-Başkent University BEDAM-Expertise Basic Training Certificate (October 2017)

-TBB- Mediation Renewal Training Certificate (December 2017)

-İstanbul Commerce University- Reconciliation Basic Training Certificate (December 2017)

-TBB-Başkent University BEDAM- Certificate in Mediation in Labor Law (January 2018)

-T.C. Ministry of National Education- Real Estate Consultancy Program Certificate (February-April 2018)

-T.C. Ministry of Justice – Mediator Certificate


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